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Beverley Gardhouse| (Retired)

Among her professional achievements before launching GARDHOUSE + GARDHOUSE with husband Larry in 1986, Beverley counts placing first in shorthand, typing and public speaking while at Barrie District Central Collegiate, and completing the Bob Proctor Mastermind Courses for Understanding Real Success (offered by Metropolitan Life). “Did you know that we only use 10 percent of our brains?” she asks. “Think of the potential if we took more control of it. I can now suck a lemon without puckering up my face.” She laughs. “It’s a start!”

Bev’s first job was a youthful stint as a court stenographer (only to be replaced by a dicta machine). She moved on to Junior Clerk at Metropolitan Life in Barrie; Sales Assistant to a Unit Manager at the same office; Marketing Assistant at Canada Life; and Personal Secretary to an Accredited Professional Sales Consultant at North American Life.

When she and Larry got engaged, they were both working at North American Life. Employees married to each other were against company policy, so Beverley joined Larry in Thornbury, and the rest is history.

Beverley focuses on administration work for life insurance and mutual funds, shopping for the best annuity rates, and filing life insurance claims and working to help surviving family members. Her passion for meeting and engaging with clients is demonstrated by the long term friendships she’s developed with many of them.

While growing GARDHOUSE + GARDHOUSE and launching Gardhouse Financial Counsel, Bev raised four children, and the two eldest sons have made her a grandmother six times over. Younger siblings Sean and Sarah both work in the family business.

While her busy life hasn’t left as much time as she’d like for travelling, she and Larry do manage their share. Beverley also enjoys reading, crossword puzzles and playing online Scrabble and other word games. She loves trying out new recipes on guests, and has been known to enjoy shopping – though mainly browsing.

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