The Gardhouse Financial story

While Larry and Bev Gardhouse both began selling insurance products in the early 1980s, they quickly recognized that clients wanted additional choice and service, including investment products, financial counsel and such essential services as preparation of tax returns.

“We’re motivated by what our clients need,” says Larry. “They wanted more services, and people were getting too much conflicting advice from accountants, insurance people, and investment salespeople. Since we expanded our services, our goal has been to fill that void and let our clients focus on what they do best.”

With Bev’s expertise in the insurance business and Larry’s focus on investment and taxation, the couple put their strengths together and formed Gardhouse + Gardhouse Financial Services in June, 1986.

Today, you can still visit Gardhouse + Gardhouse and Gardhouse Financial Counsel at the Victorian building in Thornbury where it all began, or you can drop by the Meaford location, which opened in September, 2007.

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