Canadian Income Tax Checklist 2024

Getting Ready to File?

Use our handy tax checklist to ensure we get you your maximum return


☐ RRSP contribution receipts

☐ T4FHSA Slip: First Home Savings Account Statement

☐ Professional or union dues

☐ Tool expenses

(Tradespersons & apprentice mechanics)

☐ Office-in-home expenses

☐ Teacher’s school supplies

☐ Medical expenses

☐ Home renovations (seniors and disabled)

☐ Charitable donations

☐ Political contributions

☐ Child care expenses

☐ Moving expenses

☐ Interest paid on student loans

☐ Carrying charges and interest


☐ Digital news subscription


☐ T4 slips (Employment income)

☐ Employment insurance benefits

(T4A or T4E)

☐ COVID-19 relief repayments (T4A)

☐ Interest, dividends, mutual funds

(T3, T5, T5008)

☐ T2202 Tuition and Enrollment Certificate

☐ Old Age Security and CPP benefits


☐ Other pensions and annuities (T4A)

☐ Workers’ compensation benefits (T5007)

Other documentation

☐ Notice of Assessment/Reassessment

☐ Canada Revenue Agency correspondence

☐ Sale of principal residence

☐ Rental income and expense receipts

☐ Business, farm or fishing income/expenses

☐ Disability Tax Credit Certificate

☐ Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200)

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